How To Fulfill Your Destiny
(Divine Inspired Messages)




Heb 1:1-3
Destiny is the work of God that He wants to carry out through His creation [Man]. God has one or more things in mind when He created you. He created you for that specific or multiple tasks.

Destiny is an assignment/tasks God has in the world to perform and He created you to do it. It may be some assignment one was working before and you are asked to complete it. This is why it is important to pray to know ones destiny. God put a choice in us; the choice is if you do this assignment/task you move to greater glory in the Lord.   
God is only pleased with choice of obedience not otherwise. God wants you to enter into your destiny, fulfill your destiny and grow higher in Him.
Being in your destiny means you are doing exactly what God created you for in this world that is, you are in the perfect will of our Heavenly Father.
God deposited some gifts in you that single you out as a star of importance. These gifts can only be used to maximum when you are in the plan of God i.e. in your divine destiny because the Lord is the source.

Fulfill your Destiny (Scriptural roadmap to fulfill your Destiny)

This message is for all [including you]
to guide you into your God given destiny.
I want to step into my destiny.
How can I know my destiny?
Who is the author of destinies? 
Do I have a choice at all in destiny?
Who is in charge of destiny?
And what is there for me in fulfilling my destiny?
How can I step into my destiny now?

Scripturally all the above questions and more
are answered in this message Fulfill your destiny


Look to Jesus

We make our petitions known to God
through prayer. And our Heavenly Father
has many avenues through which He makes His will
concerning our destinies known to us in Christ.

Is there any thought saying what about someone at terminal end and not yet saved? Christ died for all. We are pleading to all accept Christ's salvation for you first. Do not forget the Lord your God is your life and the length of your days. Deuteronomy 30:20
God created everyone for a purpose not to be wasted or cut down untimely. And with God all things are possible. As you are right there, accept Jesus and learn to know his plan for your life in Christ and move in it till you fulfill it. You are unique in God’s plan in the world; your real uniqueness comes out in your destiny in Christ Jesus. Salvation first next is your destiny


How You Can Fulfill Your Destiny


Destiny fulfilling verses in the bible


When you are saved the next step for you is your destiny

Christ our only message
Hebrews 1:3 John 1:14



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