Fulfill your destiny



Scriptural roadmap to fulfill your destiny

This message, is for all [including you] to assist you in fulfiling your destiny. It shows how to step into your destiny and be guided by the Divine.

God created you to fulfill your destiny. Your present, either in affluence or otherwise should not be an obstacle to prevent you from entering into your destiny because Heaven is waiting for you to enter into the glorious plan purposed for you.

Your destiny is unique to you and it is meant to have impact in one form or the other in this life, either humble or loud, your destiny is very precious to God, for this reason you are created and this is why you are in this world right now.

I pray Holy Spirit will help minister to your heart, quickens you and place you into the plans of God for you in this world as you study this message in Jesus name.

As you are reading this message, please read through to the end, study, understand and grasp its applications. May our Lord increases, multiply your understanding and use it to help you into your destiny. If you are in it already may the Lord uses it to establish you in your destiny till you fulfill it in Jesus name.



Note: The message "Fulfill your destiny" is broken into steps for study and understanding



Scriptural roadmap to fulfill your destiny


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